In the Arena of Valor, you can find many roles you can choose as with other Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games such as League of Legend or DotA. The roles available in the Arena of Valor are the tank, warrior, assassin, support, mage, and marksman. However, some of the heroes are able to be in more than one position. Just take Arthur as an example. This one of the greatest heroes of AoV can be the warrior and the tank—and he is not the only one. Hence, considering that there are a lot of heroes that can be both warrior and tank, here we give you the recommendations about the must-have item for all of them.

Before we get to the specific explanations, you need to remember that the heroes who have two roles as warriors and tanks are only these ones: Arduin, Arthur, Maloch, Max, Ormarr, Skud, Superman, Taara, and Thane. Although each of them has their own characteristics, these following items are the things that cannot be missed from their build. Hence, make sure you pick one, two or even all of them for the build. Check these ones out!

Frost Cape

The Frost Cape become the first name we should mention when it comes to the must-have items for AoV’s warriors and tanks. If you have a hobby of surfing for new heroes and their build, you must not be strange with this item—because I think it is the most recommended one. Standing as one of the most popular items among others, the ability of the Frost Cape cannot be denied though. The Frost Cape will add the cooldown speed up to 10% combined with the HP that you can get maximally up to +800 and 250 Armor. After all, your speed will also be 30% extra with 150 Physical Damage. Well, about the Physical Damage, you will get 20 extra for each level gained.

Mantle of Ra

If you are wondering what wonderful item fills the next list of the best items for AoV’s Warriors and Tanks, the answer is the Mantle of Ra. If the Frost Cape will make you able to have a maximum capability of Physical Damage, this item will give an addition of Attack Damage that can be up to +80. In addition, the Armor you will get will also be higher, it is 330 Armor. Therefore, the combination of Frost Cape and Mantle of Ra can be that perfect, right? Furthermore, you will also get a unique passive ability called Burn. By having this ability, you will get 100 Magic Damage with an addition of +4 if you gain a higher level. Interesting, eh?

Gilded Greaves

The next name on the list is the Gilded Greaves, a perfect match for the Frost Cape. This item is represented by a unique shape of a boot that looks like Aladin’s, but it is sapphire with a touch of gold—which shows an exclusiveness, unlike Aladin’s though. The Gilded Greaves is included in the Movement Item in which you can get Magic Defense alongside two unique passives. By adding this item, you will get 110 Magic Defense with Movement Speed and Resistance as the unique passives. The Movement Speed can be gained up to +60 while the Resistance can be reached up to +35%.

Asterion’s Buckler

Want to know a crazier item? Yep, the Asterion’s Buckler is the mustest of the must-have items for AoV’s warriors and tanks. Although yeah, maybe, for some warriors or tanks, it cannot be the superior item, but you really need it as the minor item then. By choosing the Asterion’s Buckler, you will get some amazing effects such as HP which can be maximally gained up to +1000. Meanwhile, you will also get a unique passive called War Cry. This unique passive can help you to increase the damage dealt and reduction. Each of them can make it up to 5% and 10%. GoOd, hUh? yEs. iT iS eXaCTly aMaZinG tHouGh.

Those items above are the items for AoV’s warriors and tanks that are recommended for you. So, how is it now? Are you confident enough to challenge yourself on the Arena of Valor’s tournaments as a warrior and/or tank? Get yourself all set for the Valor Weekly Cup online held by Ascendia Esports. This tournament takes place TOMORROW, 16 June 2018. Train yourself with the masters and see you again as a master.


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