Since its first release by Valve Corporation in 2013, Defense of the Ancients or DotA 2 has been taking particular attraction from many gamers around the world. Until today, the number of DotA players has never been getting down, it has always been increasing as time is going by. Therefore, if you one of the DotA 2 newbies, keep on reading this article since it can help you deal with the heroes you choose. Are heroes that influential? Well, I will answer with an extreme YES, good boy.

Before playing the game, you should understand that all of MOBA heroes, including DotA’s are different in term of difficulty. Since you need to learn step by step, it is important for you to start with the easiest one—no, I do not underestimate you, nope, but I will help you instead. These following heroes are the best DotA 2 heroes for beginners. Keep reading on, boi!

Phantom Assassin

One of the best DotA 2 heroes for beginners is called the Phantom Assassin. From her outfit, you may see that this hero is such a dark girl, and yes, you are correct. Until today, Phantom Assassin has always been being the most picked heroes for both beginners and masters due to her ability to make a great damage to the enemies. This hero has a power called Phantom Strike which makes her able to get a high mobility and escape mechanism. Alongside with a big damage, she is also able to do a farming and harass safely, thus the possibility of being knocked down by the enemy is a little.

Unfortunately, she does not have a good intelligence growth skill. It is getting worse since she is sensitive to the burst damage that the enemy makes because she gets a low strength growth. Well, nobody is perfect, right? Hence, to make your hero nearly perfect, I recommend you to build her up with some items such as Battle Fury and Desolator. Each of them will help her developed well. In addition, the Black King Bar will also be useful to make her work faster.


If you are looking for the most beautiful DotA 2 heroes for beginners, Luna is the answer. Coming up with a violent expression makes her being more stunning though—and strong too. Until today, Luna is claimed as the best hard carry in DotA 2. This woman has an ability to do a fast lane and tower push. In addition, the movement speed she had with a great night vision are what make this hero valuable. Furthermore, she is also able to kill the enemies fast with her high damage output. As with other heroes, she is weak in some ways, they are the backing off mechanism and some stuff related to the attack she makes.

Nonetheless, you can improve her skill by matching her with some items. To build Luna well, I recommend you to choose some items like Tango, Healing Salve, Ring of Protection, Clarity Potion, Dragon Lance, Power Treads and Helm of Dominator. Those are the obligated items for Luna build.

Crystal Maiden

Alright, I was dumb. I forgot that there is another beautiful hero you can use as a beginner. Her name is just as beautiful as she is, it is Crystal Maiden. Yes, you can see a crystal on her forehead and on her skill’s name named Crystal Nova. What does the Crystal Nova make? By having the Crystal Nova, she is able to make the temperature in her surroundings down. Hence, it will be hard for the enemies to move. Alongside with the Frostbite skill she had, Crystal Maiden can make a great damage to the enemies. Moreover, she is getting more powerful with the Arcane Aura and the Freezing Field.

Nonetheless, since you are a beginner, the list of DotA 2 heroes for beginners is not enough, right? I do understand that you need a train. Therefore, I suggest you watch some tournaments held such as China Dota2 Supermajor which is just done last week. By watching such tournament, you will see how the masters start with a good item build and continued by the best play EVAHH! But if you are challenged enough, you can join The International 2018 tournament on August 15 which takes place in Vancouver, Canada! WOOHOO! Don’t you dare to come and WIN the prize?!!?


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