If you are a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang true player, you must be familiar with its roles, especially the fighter. As with other MOBA games, there are some heroes that can be built up as two roles, including Hilda which can be built up as a tank or fighter. Coming up with her violent look, Hilda holds a quite much percentage and impression from Mobile Legends players. Therefore, if you are a newbie who is looking for the best item build for this hero or in contrast, you are a master who is trying to challenge yourself by using Hilda as your fighter, this article will be very helpful for you.

Firstly, let us talk about the background history of this ruthless look woman. Hilda is coming from a non-fertile land called Wasteland Megalith in which the people do hunting to survive for their life. Hilda herself holds a big role in her village. She was the best hunter which finally able to make her people happy with many foods they get. Unfortunately, one day, there is an unknown power that hunted the place where Hilda used to hunt for foods. The power makes the animals wilder and attacked Hilda and her clan. As a leader, Hilda finally went around the world and work as a mercenary to survive for her endangered clan.

As we have done with the historical background of Hilda that makes her as wild as you can see on your screen, let us move to the explanations about the best items you can use to build Hilda well and get the victory together with her. These following items are three obligated items you should choose:

Cursed Helm

The first item you must choose to build Hilda is the Cursed Helm. This gear will be helpful for Hilda in times she faces the enemies with a high physical defense. It could be so since Hilda was also coming up with a high physical damage within her skill set. Hence, using this gear will be helpful to improve her physical defense. Besides, you can also get some passive ability called Passive Burning Soul. The Passive Burning Soul makes Hilda able to improve the attack and damage she makes with a magic attack. The magic attack itself is well-known for its ability to give a 50 extra damage to the minions.

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

Another item you cannot ignore to build Hilda is called the Wings of the Apocalypse Queen. If the Cursed Helm will only improve her physical defense, this gear will not only give a physical defense but also the magic defense. The magic defense itself will be improved up to 40%. Alongside with two kinds of defenses, it will also add the HP up to 1000 HP with the adding of 10% cooldown reduction. Amazing, isn’t it? In addition, when your HP number is dropping under 40%, the Wings of the Apocalypse Queen will give a help with the lifesteal ability that can be made up to 15%.


The last but not least is called the Oracle. This item can be found in green that you can buy in $2110. As Hilda is made for both tank and fighter, this item will give a powerful HP improvement. The HP effect that you can get is +850 HP. Is it only that much? Nope. You will also get an adding of +35 HP regen, it will be very helpful for Hilda’s existence in the battle arena. Alongside with those two improvements, you can also have an HP regen bonus for 6 seconds. With the combination of Oracle and other two recommended items above, you will have a maximum construction of Hilda.

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