Since the first appearance of League of Legends in 2009, Riot Games has successfully brought this game to the world with its attractive stuff. Coming up as one of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, LoL does not come mundanely but with particular characteristics and interesting philosophy of each of the heroes they make. In addition, the powers included in the provided items are also unique thus people can be addicted to this game. Nonetheless, when we ask some players a question on why they play the game, they may just answer it simply by saying that it is fun, but is that all?

However, above all of the aspects, we actually can have a brief explanation on the reasons why LoL is worth playing by anyone from any ages. Hence, here we give you an explanation to make sure that you are not currently playing a wrong game.

The most popular MOBA game in the world

If you have been being in the gaming world for years, you must be familiar with these terms: MOBA and FPS. MOBA games’ concepts are usually related to unique heroes characters, which can also be a myth or superheroes like Superman or Joker in the Arena of Valor. Meanwhile, the FPS or First-Person Shooting games such as Counter Strike and Point Blank usually bring an army or terrorism atmosphere. Yes, League of Legends is coming as a MOBA game and finally able to be in the highest rank of popularity above all other MOBA games—and that is exactly why LoL is worth playing.

The existence of League of Legends is claimed as the E-Sports’ main attraction. This game has been successfully attracted more than 100 millions of people from around the world. In addition, the distribution of League of Legends’ true players is coming from many parts of the world, while some MOBA games have a dominion attraction in particular continents. The way the League of Legends becomes that attractive cannot be separated from its unique construction of gameplay, heroes, items, skills, maps, and anything special provided within the game. That is why this game can be that successful.

Improve Yourself Psychologically

The second reason why LoL is worth playing is about the improvement it can make. Many people are not attracted to play games because it is useless. Unfortunately, there are even many gamers that feel so. Hence, here we are going to convince you that gaming is not only a useless thing that can waste your time. Playing MOBA games, especially the League of Legends can help you build a strategy in which included the teamwork, skills used, and more. The way you build a strategy will be a basis of your intelligence train. Therefore, it will train you psychologically, thus you can be smarter instead of getting worse because of ‘a useless thing’.

In addition, since it is a multiplayer game in which you should play with your team, your ability to make a great teamwork will also be challenged. Therefore, it will implicitly improve your soft skill although you do not realize it. However, still and all, you cannot be addicted to games. Make sure you play it in the proper times thus you will not lose anything outside of the virtual box.

Many tournaments held

The last but not least, the enormous phenomenal tournaments become the next reason why LoL is worth playing. Again, if they say training yourself in playing games is useless, let them see how many tournaments held for E-Sports, including the League of Legends. Considering the number of tournaments held in every year for League of Legends, we can see that by being master in this game will also give some benefits to ourselves. Some legendary League of Legends tournaments have been held for years. Let us take the League of Legends World Championship. This game is an official tournament held by Riot Games with $1 Million prize pool. Amazing, uh? According to the data of last year’s tournament, this championship was watched by more than 60 million people. See how powerful the League of Legends is?

Another best League of Legends tournament that you might watch is the League of Legends Champions Korea or also well-known as LCK. This tournament held in South Korea in which many legendary teams joined in. Therefore, if you want a new challenge and think that you are capable enough to bring yourself up and challenge the enemies, do not be afraid to try. Be ready and tackle the enemies down!


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