Another First-Person Shooting game that millions of people play is called Counter Strike: Global Offensive or CS:GO. This video game was released in August 2012 with a multiplayer mode. As with other FPS games such as Point Blank and PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, the battle is divided into some teams that will fight for their own self-defense. In this game, they call it the terrorist team and the anti-terrorist team. Hence, you can choose which team you want to be in.

As with other games, this game also has various modes, one of the best modes that people often use is the Classic Casual and Competitive. However, whatever the mode you choose in this game, the most important thing you need to have is the weapons. The weapons used in this game represent the real miniature of a terrorism battle. They are the gun, shotgun, knife, bomb, firebomb, Molotov for terrorists and Incendiary grenades for anti-terrorist, grenade and more.

Since this game brings the player addicted, it becomes a great chance for the developers to gain money. As with other game developers, the developer of CS:GO also has a never-ending innovation of the weapons’ skins, especially the knives, that interest the gamers to buy and play with the skins. Even though those skins are virtual as like the weapons, the price given can be up to $60.000. Nonetheless, you do not need to worry about that high price because here we give you the best and the cheapest CS:GO knives as follows.

The Crimson Web Skins

One of the best and the cheapest CS:GO knives is the Crimson Web Skins collections. The prices they provide for these fashionable knives start from $64.79 up to $942.50. Each of the knives has a unique shape, such as the Butterfly Knife and the Huntsman Knife that you can buy for around $300 to $400. The knives are painted in the combination of red and black with a touch of semi-gloss on the topcoat. The flavor text of the knives is as interesting as the colorful touch, it is written: Be careful where you walk, you never know where the web is spread.

The Flip Knives

Another types of the cheapest CS:GO knives you can buy is the flip knives. There are many kinds of flip knives that are cheap and interesting to buy such as Vanilla and Autotronic. Each of both is sold starting from $76.73 and $99.97. If the Vanilla can be found easily in 11 cases of CS:GO, the Autotronic is quite difficult to be found since it can only be found in 2 cases of CS:GO. However, buying this knife is worth since it has a fashionable look with the steel mesh combined with red color.

Nonetheless, if you prioritize the look than any aspect else, Gamma Doppler is one of the most stunning ones. This flip knife can be bought for $210.94 up to $320.00 for the StatTrak ones. As with the Autotronic, this flip knife can only be found in 2 cases of CS:GO. Nonetheless, its combination of black and silver metallic paints with a touch of green candy-look color that makes this knife more marbling. With such look and price, isn’t it worth to buy this flip knife?

Those two types of knives are the best and the cheapest CS:GO knives you can buy for your CS:GO collection. Although they are cheap, it does not mean that they are not fashionable and not effective to tackle the enemies down. Nevertheless, if you are interested in playing CS:GO with the knives or other weapons, train and challenge yourself to face the masters in the CS:GO tournaments available in your country or overseas. For instance, the best of the best tournaments in the world called the ESL Pro League.

From this tournament, you can see how the tournament is going and how the masters use the weapons. This year, the ESL Pro League will take place in North America and Europe, while the finals will be held in Odense, Denmark starting on December 4, 2018. In addition, if you don’t want to take it too long, train yourself by watching the tournament videos on YouTube such as the Intel Extreme Masters with its defending champion for these two years: FaZe.


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