After getting done with the Miramar map, PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds released the next map dedicated for their faith gamers. This map is called Sanhok. Although the discussion on Miramar is still running endlessly, the launch of the new map seems to interact the gamers more to the game. As with the previous maps, the developers, PUBG Corporation, brings a different atmosphere on this map. Although it looks different, it will not decrease even a little percentage of your adrenaline in playing the game and tackle the enemies down.

If the Erangel brings a chilly atmosphere placed on an island near the ocean and Miramar brings a hot yet burning adrenaline in a dessert in Mexico, the Sanhok map comes as a different one. On this map, you will feel as chilly as what you feel in the Erangel map but with particular differences such as the panoramas and the surroundings. This map brings up an atmosphere of a tropical country in which you can find the tropical stuff such as the coconut trees and wooden houses. As this map will be released in summer, the weather chosen is quite dynamic since it can change anytime from the sunny one to the damp one.

Discussing the map, isn’t it too mean if we let you guys adoring the map set only? Hence, here we are also going to share some important points you need to understand about this map. Just call these following explanations as a helpful guide.


First of all, let us explain the most important point you need to do to start the game: landing. As with other PUBG’s maps, whether you are a master or a newbie, you need to consider the landing you choose. In other maps, there will be places in which you will find many item loots and be safe from the enemies’ sudden attack. However, what makes the Sanhok map different is that there is no place that is perfect for a self-defense. In other words, you need to be extra-careful of a sudden attack or an enemy appearance. Isn’t that too scary? Well, that is what we call a challenge—and that’s what motivated the article’s title too.

Item loots

Then, what about the item loots? What makes this map more challenging than others is that the item loots are hidden in dangerous places where you need to move carefully to reach the places. There are about 12 places in total, but we suggest you land yourself down in the Tat Mok where you can find many items loots available. Otherwise, you can also find the item loots in the Docks, but it’s quite dangerous since it is located on the edge of the map. Nonetheless, it is also possible that many players might be there too—as what we have discussed previously. Hence, always keep yourself ready to face any consequences.


Another thing you need to understand about the Sanhok map is that you need to be aware of two things: enemies’ sudden appearance and the vehicle noises that you make. Since this map is located in a tropical area in which many trees and other plants growing, those can be a great cover of the enemies too. The damp area will also decrease the volume of the footsteps. Doesn’t it sound a good strategy though? Yes, you can also use it as your strategy, but remember, the enemies may do the same. In addition, the noises you make with the vehicles may also ease your way to be recognized, thus it is better to be selective with the vehicle choice too.

Until today, those three things are what we have known about the Sanhok map of PUBG. To make yourself ready for this map’s release on the 20s of June, make sure you’ve already been mastering the previous maps such as Erangel and Miramar. It will be much better if you’ve already done some tournaments for both too. Talking about PUBG tournaments, the PUBG Corp. has finally announced their official tournament called the PUBG Global Invitational 2018. This tournament will be held on 25-29 July in Berlin, Germany with $2 million prize pool. Hence, get yourself all set, and loot the Chicken Dinner on!


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