As one of the most popular video game in the world, many people got attracted by this FPS game called Point Blank. Since its first launch in 2009, Point Blank has already been taking everyone’s interest in playing action games. The popularity of this online game makes up many servers distributed within the whole world. This tactical first-person shooter brings a tight atmosphere happens between the Free Rebels and CT-Force. Your team can win this game only if you are able to kill other teams and get the highest score among others.

As this game is played by millions of people since its first release, those millions of people will suffer to be the champion of the Point Blank champions. To win the game and to be the champion of Point Blank, you need to consider many aspects. One of the most important things you need to consider is the HeadShot you make. As we know, the head is a critical place where we can easily kill the opponent once we shot him at that point. However, having a HeadShot on Point Blank is not easy. These following tips will be a helpful guide for you.

The first tips to do a HeadShot on Point Blank is choosing the right weapon and title. Not all of the Point Blank weapons can be used and effective for a HeadShot. Therefore, you need to choose your weapons selectively, such as MP7, AUG, P90 and M 1887. Alongside with the greatest weapons, you also need to have the matching titles for HeadShot such as Fire Speed, Weapon Reaction and Moving Agility. What you need to underline here is that you should complete some missions before getting those titles.

The second trick you need to understand before doing a HeadShot on Point Blank is making sure that your shooting target of the enemy’s body is in a fitted position. If you are going to do a HeadShot, make sure that your weapon is directed in a parallel way with the enemy’s neck and head. This strategy has been well-known among Point Blank players since it will give you an easier way to shut your enemies down with a HeadShot. This trick is also effective when you face an opponent out of sudden.

The third is you should always be calm and confident of yourself. As this game comes out as a true miniature of shooting war, the only thing you need to do before and during the game is to feel calm and confident no matter where the enemies come to shoot you down. This psychological trick is even claimed as the most important ones among other tricks mentioned above. The expert Point Blank players always say that no matter how great your weapons, your title or your strategy of shoot, if you do not have a brave personality in facing enemies, you are the one who will be tackled down instead.

The last but not least, before you do a HeadShot on Point Blank, it will be better if you watch some tutorial videos of Point Blank’s HeadShot that you can find on YouTube. Those videos will help you lift your HeadShot ability up and bring you nearer the champion chairs of Point Blank. Another effective way to do this is to watch and keep monitoring on Point Blank tournaments. Since the Point Blank server has been distributed in many continents of the world, the tournaments of Point Blank can also be found everywhere.

If you have mastered this game, you will be potential to be the delegation of your country for any international Point Blank tournaments. One of the biggest international Point Blank tournaments that were just held is the Point Blank World Challenge 2018. This game was firstly launched 2016, thus this year’s PBWC is the 3rd tournament they held. The PBWC 2018 was done in May 2018. This tournament had a high competition which finally ended up with Brazil’s 2Kill Gaming.

Are you ready to be the champion of Point Blank? If you are doing so, make sure you first understand the tips about the HeadShot on Point Blank above as it is one of the competencies you need to have in playing this game. Nonetheless, do not forget to watch and get the updates of Point Blank tournaments here!


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