DotA 2 or Defense of the Ancients 2 is a phenomenal game that you may not be unfamiliar with. Among other popular MOBA games, DotA 2 is one of the oldest ones but still and all, it becomes a popular game that millions of gamers play every day. This game was firstly introduced by IceFrog in 2009 and released on Windows, Linux and OS X in 2013. DotA 2 was coming out with the MOBA genre of game, it is the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena which includes the multiplayer and single-player modes.

As with other MOBA games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Arena of Valor (AoV), this game also have several heroes that are different from others. Each of the heroes has their own roles, such as melee, nuker, disabler, initiator, and support. The completeness of each role is considerable for your team’s playing after the start. Therefore, knowing each of the heroes on DotA 2 can be very important. Besides, you need to know about the heroes’ history and skills that fit them in. One of the best heroes we will discuss today is Earthshaker.

Starting with its history, DotA 2’s Earthshaker has its own philosophy that makes him a great hero which you can see on your screen. It was known that Earthshaker was once a lived within the earth as like Gargoyle. As time goes by, Earthshaker decided to walk on the earth and taking care of himself alone. One day, he felt bored and thought that the life above the hearth is just a blank, thus he decided to build himself up. A fun fact: Earthshaker is not only known as a person who takes care of himself but builds himself alone and never cares for anyone.

That time was also known as the Tremors season which happens at times when the Nisai was shaking and brought up a landslide which led into the appearance of chasms. After the Nisai phenomenon was done, DotA 2’s Earthshaker came up from the stones that used to burn him down above the earth. After that, he built himself up as Raigor Stonehoff, a beast who comes up as the earth’s little son that will fight any enemy with his Totem Magic. However, do not need to worry if you face this strong hero as your enemy, because he can also be beaten.

Alongside with his phenomenal history that interestingly related to the earth, a place where we live, the developer of DotA 2 also gave him incredible skills that you may not find in other DotA 2 heroes. Each of the skills shows Earthshaker’s aggressiveness of the enemies and shows how strong and unbeatable he is. If you are a DotA 2 newbie, these following explanations are the things you need to understand before you choose DotA 2’s Earthshaker as the Melee in your team.

The first skill that Earthshaker has is Fissure. By having this skill, Earthshaker has a capability to slam the earth down with a great Totem he had. Therefore, he is able to make a great damage of stone expanse that can be dangerous for the enemies. This skill will be even more powerful in DotA 2’s Earthshaker since it is also supported by his Aftershock skill. The Aftershock skill makes him able to shake the earth. Another damage can be made by the Echo Slam skills. This skill is effective to bring a spreading echo that will hit the enemies hard.

If you are looking up for another skill that DotA 2’s Earthshaker can upgrade, Enchant Totem is the one you need. The Enchant Totem skill gives Earthshaker a capability to make a great damage that can slay the enemies down. This skill can also be upgraded with the Aghanim Scepter. To make sure you are using Earthshaker right, you need to train yourself and watch on the masters. Those masters can be found in some tournaments such as the most phenomenal one called ProDotA Cup Southeast Asia DotA 2.

As a newbie, understanding the DotA 2 heroes is influential. Therefore, if you are interested in playing with Earthshaker, the explanations above can be a helpful guide for you. Nonetheless, instead of doing a personal training only, you also need to watch the DotA tournaments such as ProDotA Cup that you can access on YouTube.


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