Throughout many years, League of Legends has been being one of the greatest games which millions of people adore. This game was set as a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA which will bring you into the Summoner’s Rift. The Summoner’s Rift is the name of the League of Legends’ arena where you will tackle your enemies down by killing them. As with other MOBA games, your hero will not walk alone, but you will be helped by monsters that come from the forest. The capability of the monsters is often called as ‘buff’. They will also help you to tackle down the enemies’ self-defense.

As with other games that have particular characteristics, this game was not only coming out mundanely but with many things following which also be a great attraction toward the gamers around the world. One of the best attractions of League of Legend is the roles that are filled with special legendary characters. The roles included in League of Legend are nearly the same as other games, they are the toplaner, midlaner, jungle, attack damage carry and support. Therefore, before you start the game, make sure that you have chosen a hero that fits in your position and build them up properly thus they will be powerful as well.

Talking about the heroes, League of Legend’s Amumu is one of the most interesting heroes that we can discuss. As with other heroes, this hero also has a special history related to the journey of his life that is different from other heroes in the League of Legend. Amumu or also commonly called as The Sad Mummy is known as the one that always feels sad and lonely. Hence, he finally starts his life journey, coming from the Shurima to the whole world to find a friend that can help him out from the sadness and the loneliness. It is also told that Amumu was cursed because he is able to destroy anything with only a touch.

A legend was told by a League of Legend’s expertise, saying that League of Legend’s Amumu was once a part of a rich family in Shurima. This family was indicated of an epidemic of a disease that is dangerous for the whole society. To prevent this contagious disease spread among the Shurima people, they decided to rehabilitate this rich family. One day, a girl found that the whole family was found dead but Amumu. As this girl felt sorry for him, she wanted to hug Amumu, thus they did so. Unfortunately, the girl is finally killed as her skin touched by Amumu. After all, the society claimed Amumu as an evil.

From that story, we may understand that the League of Legend’s Amumu is actually a deathful legend in this game. Unfortunately, Amumu does not seem perfectly attract the League of Legend’s player. Most of LoL players ignore this hero and choose other heroes instead. Until today, there is no direct explanation on why they are doing so. However, if you have already interested in having Amumu as your hero for League of Legend, you do not need to worry to be failed since this hero can be unbeatable if it is built with particular items.

League of Legend’s Amumu will be as powerful as others if it is built with the Hextech Protobelt-01 and the Stalker’s Blade. Each of both will give ability power and cooldown reduction which will get up to 140 ability and 20% cooldown reduction if you combine them together. It will also be supported by the 300 health and Mana. Meanwhile, you can also get 18 Magic Penetration from the Sorcerer’s Shoes, and get 300 health more with an adding of 80 ability power from the Liandry’s Torment. To make the health power completed, use the Dead Man’s Plate which will add 425 health and 60 Armor. Complete your Amumu build with a touch of 40 Armor and 40 Magic Resistance from the Gargoyle Stoneplate.

As this hero is less popular among League of Legend’s players, we recommend you to build your Amumu up with particular items we have explained above. Furthermore, you can also be updated of some LoL tournaments such as the LoL Pro League or LPL or Thailand Pro League. Those tournaments are the most interesting world tournaments among others that can burn your spirit up yet improve your skill by watching them on. Get yourself trained and be the next champion!


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