If you are a game enthusiast, the Arena of Valor’s name will not be strange anymore for you. The game that is also well-known as AoV was launched in 2015 with various names in various countries. In South Korea, this game is called the Penta Storm, while in Europe, it is famous as Strike of Kings, and in Indonesia, this game was known as Mobile Arena just right before it changed its name to Arena of Valor. This game was coming up with MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena concept which needs a great teamwork to win the game.

As a game that is run by 2 teams, a great teamwork with a great composition is needed to tackle the enemies down. The AoV developer has also been providing various heroes with particular roles for each of them. Those roles need to be fulfilled to make sure that your team has a great composition. The roles available in the AoV are the midlaner, observer, offlaner, laner, and jungler. In this article, we will focus on the best heroes for AoV which match their role as the midlaner.

The midlaner itself is the ones that will take care of the middle lane. A middle lane is a place that has a short-range needs particular hero. To save this place, you need to team up with heroes that have a fast ganking skill and rotation. Besides, this role is commonly made by the mage or archer hero. The best Mage heroes for AoV that have good skills to fulfill this role are Lauriel and Natalya. Both of them have a powerful skill which is represented by their great Arcanas and Talents.

Nevertheless, those heroes will be nothing without a right build. The most beautiful Mage hero, Lauriel is one of the best heroes for AoV. This hero has a powerful Talent called Purify, alongside with Sage, Blood Magic and Purity arcanas. One of the items recommended to build Lauriel is the Orb of the Magi which will give her a cooldown reduction up to 10% and 100 Magic Power. Meanwhile, The Aegis will also give her 20% cooldown reduction. By combining those two items, you will have a maximum cooldown reduction for Lauriel.

Next, Natalya becomes one of the best Mage heroes for AoV. Natalya will be as powerful as Lauriel if it is combined with the right items. There are two items you cannot ignore for Natalya, they are Holy of Holies and Boomstick. The Holy of Holies will support Natalya with maximum HP up to 1400, while the Boomstick will add 240 magic attacks and a bombing damage to this Mage hero. To make Natalya’s build perfect, you can also use other items such as Hecate’s Diadem, Orb of the Magi, Enchanted Kicks, and the Frosty’s Revenge.

Those two best Mage heroes for AoV will support your team to win the game. Nonetheless, to make sure that you are doing right in playing the game and controlling the heroes, you need to join or at least monitoring the AoV tournaments. As this game is played by over 100 million players a day, the tournaments of AoV can be found easily in almost everywhere in the world. One of the best and the most phenomenal AoV tournaments that you can watch is called the AoV Star League (ASL).

This year, the AoV Star League was held in the first months of 2018. This tournament was only followed by 6 strongest teams in Indonesia. As with other tournaments, the AoV Star League was also made to improve Indonesia’s quality of e-Sports. The system used in this tournament is the robin round system which is held 2 times with Best of 3 (BO3) format in each game. To make sure that this tournament can be reached by all of the AoV challengers in the world, the tournament is streamed on Garena AoV’s YouTube and Facebook.

As a MOBA game, having a good team composition with complete roles fulfilled with the best heroes is very important. According to their skills and powers, Laurel and Natalya may be the best Mage heroes for AoV teams. Those two heroes have also been being a great competitor in AoV tournaments. To make sure that you are done the best play, you can watch the AoV tournaments such as the ASL 2018 which can be streamed through social media. Get yourself all set and challenge the enemies now!


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