PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds or commonly called PUBG is one of the most popular games in the world. This battle royale game was first released in Windows and Xbox One devices in 2017. After one year, the Tencent Games finally launched PUBG on Android and iOS. This game is set in FPS or First Person Shooter concept. It means, all the players should survive for their life by killing other players with items you should find after the players land. However, you may also play with friends within a small team consists of 4 people.

In this game, you will also feel a real and great battle on a map with 8 x 8 kilometers wide. The players which come by jumping from the airplanes may choose the parts of the map that they will land in. The first map provided in PUBG Mobile is called the Erangel. This map was made to make you feel chilly of its location that is placed beside the ocean. As the time went by, the PUBG’s developer launched the second map that used to be available on the desktop only. This second map is called the Miramar.

The Miramar map of PUBG comes up as the contrary of the Erangel one. If you will find it chilly to play in the Erangel map, in this map, you will feel warm with its location that is placed in the desert. As this map launched on the PUBG Mobile last month, this map was once claimed as a fictional desert located in Mexico. Since it is located in such place, you will find the dessert with its particular characteristics such as the hills, mountainsides and small cities where you can find the item loot.

Although the Miramar map of PUBG is located in a different area with different atmosphere with the Erangel map, both of them need a good strategy in term of landing. When it comes to PUBG, landing is the most important thing you need to consider before starting the game. There are two things you need to consider about the landing: a strategic position and the item loot. Make sure that you choose a strategic position for your self-defense and land in a place where you can find many good item loots.

As with the Erangel map, there are some recommended places you may have for your landing, they are the Campo Militar. The Campo Militar is located in the northeast of the Miramar map of PUBG. This spot is currently popular within the PUBG gamers. This spot is completed with many buildings such as military offices and police station. Alongside with its wide range, you can also find many good item loots such as M4A1 or SCAR. Besides, this place has a minimum possibility of firefights.

In order to make your game well-played, you also need to choose the right costume and weapons. Since the Miramar map of PUBG is located in the dessert, you need to choose a costume with bright colors, thus other players will not easily detect your position. In addition, as this map is dedicated for the long-range shooter, these following weapons will match your player well: Mini 14, 98 Kurs, AWM, and SKS. Other tricks such as staying in a high land will also be effective to get the Chicken Dinner in this game.

To make sure that you are a true PUBG player which deserves the Chicken Dinner of PUBG in all of its maps, challenge yourself to get into the biggest PUBG Corporation’s official tournament in 2018. This tournament takes place in Berlin, Germany on July 25-29. Before you get in this battle, you need to knock your enemies down on the regional tournaments. The regional tournaments will be held in each of the three continents, they are Asia, Europe, and North America. In the end, there will be $2 million prize pool for 2 winners.

As the most phenomenal game in the world, PUBG comes up with various concepts, including the Miramar map. The existence of this maps, alongside with its special characteristics, brings a new challenge for the PUBG players. However, the choice of costume and weapons should also be considered to win the game. Meanwhile, to catch on your PUBG adrenaline, challenge yourself to join the PUBG Corp. tournament on July 25-29 2018. Get yourself ready and be the Chicken Dinner winner!



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