If you are a true MOBA player, you must be familiar with one of the most popular MOBA games in the world called Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This MOBA game was released by Moonton in 2016 on Android and iOS. The things you need to do in playing this game is quite simple, but how it goes is complicated. You only need to fight for your team to break the opponent’s basis alongside with the protection of yours. Therefore, you need a good team, full-time monitoring and perfect strategy to win.

As this game is played by millions of people, Mobile Legends keep doing many innovations to attract the players. One of the innovations Moonton made for this game is the modes. The original modes provided by Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are Classic and Ranked. However, in particular times, you will find new modes launched by Moonton in this game. After being successful with the Mayhem mode that was being launched on March 30, Moonton is trying to attract the players with the Survival mode that will be launched shortly.

The Mobile Legends’ Survival mode has been being the most talked issue about Mobile Legends within these two months. With the new concept that is claimed as nearly looks like Battle Royale games, no one can wait for its release. Since this is a survival mode, you need to survive for your own life. Unlike the Classic or Ranked mode, in this mode, you need to fight with your team by killing other heroes and monsters, thus finally, there will be only one survived team in the end. For that reason, there is no basis or turret that you need to destroy to win the game.


Still, about its difference with other usual modes, the Mobile Legends’ Survival mode also comes up with a different set of the arena. The map used in this mode is wider than the common modes. In addition, the setting used is also unique. Once you start the game, your hero will be taken to a dragon that will fly above the map then jump to the mainland, and that is exactly when the game starts. What makes this mode is more interesting is that your hero will come up in the 15th level with no money or items. Nonetheless, you can get the items by killing monsters.

As this game is played by 5 teams with 3 heroes in each team, you need to make sure that your team has a complete composition of position. However, there has been no any further update about the heroes that are included or blocked in this game.  Another interesting fact about this mode is the item build. As what was mentioned before, you can get the items by killing the monsters. The monsters will come after your hero gets down to the mainland. Once the items appear, you are challenged to do a hero building with the items offered that appear one by one.

While waiting for the Mobile Legends’ Survival mode’s release, you can look up for a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournaments that will be held shortly. One of the most phenomenal Mobile Legends’ tournaments is the Viola ESports Tournament. This online tournament is held by Viola Esports in June 2018. To join this tournament, you need to pay IDR 55.000 for 5 players and 2 replacement players for 32 slots of the team. Besides, this tournament has IDR 1.400.000 as the total prize for all winners including the first savage and legendary of the final. Catch them on Instagram and Line: @viola.esports.

As the most phenomenal mobile MOBA games in the world, Mobile Legends has a never-ending innovation to interest the players on, including the Mobile Legends’ Survival mode. Despite the fact that this mode has a unique set of map and start, the Survival mode also attracts people with its gameplay that is different with other modes provided in Mobile Legends. However, we seem to need to wait for few days for the Survival mode’s launch. Therefore, to make sure you are ready to play in this arena, challenge yourself on Viola Esports Tournament in June 2018. Get ready for it and slain the enemies down!


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