Cloud9 has taken FaZe down, and what a match it was, the intensity and the great plays has just kept all of us on the edge of our seats! Congrats to both Cloud9 and FaZe for giving us one of the best CS:GO matches of all times.
The game:
The much expected final of ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 start with Cloud9 opening a very big advantage on their Mirage map pick by 8-1, but that didn’t mean FaZe was done and they responded back taking five of the last six round to lower the advantage to a close 9-6 for Cloud9. As the second half started Cloud 9 opened 12-7, and it looked like they were going to take the first map, but FaZe showed them why they are one of the best teams in the world and turned it around by opening a 12-15 advantage in their favor. Cloud9 tried to fight back but FaZe ended closing the map by 14-16.
On FaZe’s map pick of Overpass, which is their best map, Cloud9 showed they recovered well from the previous map loss and opened 8-0 before FaZe could respond back. At this moment FaZe missed a couple opportunities to string round together and lost the first half by 12-3. At the second half Cloud9 secured a match point very early with a 15-4 advantage, but FaZe wasn’t ready to give up, and took six rounds before they were finally defeated by a 16-10 scoreline in favor of Cloud9.
As the decider map started, FaZe took the pistol round, but as it happened all along this final they couldn’t win the following round and Cloud9 opened 5-1, FaZe turned the game around and recovered to open 5-8, but Cloud9 fought back and first half ended with 7-8 in favor of FaZe. On the second half, FaZe won the pistol round and after a couple rounds exchanged between the teams, FaZe came out on top and it looked like they were about to take the major as they had four match point to work with 11-15. At this moment Cloud9 played what they knew and what they didn’t to tie the game at 15-15 to take it to overtime. It took two breathtaking overtimes to finally have Cloud9 take the last map. It is hard to explain how tense those overtimes were and Cloud9 surely deserved to win this major.
Round by round:
Cloud9 x FaZe – ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018
Cloud9 – Skadoodle, Stewie2K, autimatic, RUSH, tarik
FaZe – rain, olofmeister, GuardiaN, karrigan, NiKo
Mirage – Map 1 – Cloud9 pick (9-6) (14-16)
The first map started with Cloud9 on the T side as autimatic delivered the first kill of the final by taking karrigan and helping his team secure the first round of the tournament 1-0. Cloud9 quickly extended their lead to 3-0 winning two anti-ecos. On the first gun round FaZe almost lost a 1 v 3 against Skadoodle but karrigan killed him right after the bomb was planted to secure them a first round 3-1. Skadoodle was ready to deliver and he helped Cloud9 reach 4-1 and broke FaZe economy which allowed them extend their lead to 8-1. FaZe finally got another buy round and stopped Cloud9 to get four rounds in a row to bring the game to 8-5. On the 14th round Cloud9 won another round to make 9-5 but they weren’t ready for GuardiaN going insane on the last round to close the half with a 9-6 scoreline in favor of Cloud9.
FaZe won the pistol round but they couldn’t hold the massive power from Cloud9 scouts and lost the force buy to let Cloud keep a three rounds lead 10-7. Cloud9 won another two round but FaZe recovered in an amazing way to string eight rounds together to reach match point 12-15. Right on the edge of losing their map pick Cloud9 woke up in time to to get two round, but ended up losing on the last round of regulation to let FaZe take the map with a 14-16 final score.
Overpass – Map 2 – FaZe pick (12-3) (16-10)
As the second map started Cloud9 took the pistol round on their CT side and they didn’t want to give FaZe any edge as they opened 8-0. Finally GuardiaN ended Cloud9 madness after being on a 1 v 1 situation against Skadoodle and winning it to make 8-1. Another clutch situation between rain and Skadoodle and rain came out on top with a HE to get FaZe a second round 8-2. Cloud9 won round number 11 but allowed FaZe to win a force buy to make it 9-3. When FaZe had the opportunity to play with all guns they needed Cloud9 came out on top and ended the first half with a great 12-3 advantage in their favor despite all the efforts from NiKo to give FaZe the last round.
Winning the pistol round on their CT side FaZe gave themselves the opportunity to try to bring the game back, but they lost the following round allowing once again Cloud9 to keep their lead from the previous half 13-4. In a round Cloud9 had everything to win it ended up needing a 4K and a 1 v 3 clucth from Skadoodle to give them the round and help them reach map point on the next round 15-4. FaZe had to mount a huge comeback at this point and the entire team had the opportunity to show why they are considered one of the best teams in the world as all players from FaZe showed lots of individual skills before Cloud9 closed the game by 16-10.
Inferno – Map 3 – Decider map (7-8) (15-15) – OT (3-3) (18-18) OT2 (4-1) (22-19)
To start out the last map FaZe won the pistol with a clutch from NiKo to give them the advantage 0-1. At this point Cloud9 attempted a force buy which they won and because of that they opened 5-1 to take the lead at the map. FaZe couldn’t allow another early big advantage to Cloud9 and they didn’t since they took the next seven round to turn the score in their favor 5-8. Cloud9 finally found a solution to break FaZe defense and took the last two round to bring the game to a close 7-8 in favor of FaZe.
On the second half FaZe won the pistol round and finally they were able to control the following round and opened a 7-11 lead in their favor. Cloud9 responded on their first gun round and got their first round of the second half 8-11. FaZe extended their lead by winning two rounds in a row and getting a 8-13 lead. Cloud9 activated desperation mode and tried to force buy, luckly it worked for them and they were back on the game 9-13. On round number 23 FaZe destroyed Cloud9 with a quick rush to get very close from the title with a 9-14 score. Cloud9 once again played well with the pressure on their shoulders and won a crucial round to get 10-14 score and break FaZe economy. Taking the following round Cloud9 couldn’t hold FaZe and they reached match point with 11-15 advantage.
Once again Cloud9 was able to hold the pressure and won another needed round to bring this back to 12-15 and break FaZe economy once again. FaZe tried to force buy and Cloud9 won it to make 13-15 in a very close round. In two very tense rounds Cloud9 controlled their nerves and tied the game in 15-15 to take the game to overtime.
First OT (3-3)
Cloud9 claimed all their round as CT to open a pretty important advantage with a 18-15 scoreline. FaZe did the same to Cloud9 to tie the game at 18-18 and take the game to a second overtime.
Second OT (4-1)
FaZe and Cloud9 traded rounds to start overtime number two with a tied 19-19 scoreline. Cloud9 won the last round before they switched to the CT side and carried a 20-19 advantage in t


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